The decision of refitting your store may sound easy; however the implementation is the most difficult part of the commitment. Choosing the right shop fitter from a recognized retail store or shop fitting company with a proven track record is the most important thing. A good shop fitter works as an anti-theft strategy and therefore it should be implemented when the shop layout is designed. At this particular stage, the process is easy and cost effective hence giving your shop a new look and enhance the visibility of your products in the store. The fit-outs are a necessity not a luxury for your shop because they play a fundamental role in describing your products details and calling visitors or potential customers to have a closer look at the products and purchase.


Why you need shopfitting

When it comes to shop fitting, it’s appropriate to have proper planning to prevent poor performance. When the job is done properly with the right shopfitters, you will not incur the cost of modifying an already done job. With the help of experienced shopfitters Melbourne , you will achieve a well-planned shop fitting design. After evaluating space and your individual requirements, they ensure a plan that leaves sufficient space for customers. Fit outs are also an ideal mean to reduce shoplifting by the implementation of efficient shop design through:


Utilizing the shore layout effectively

You should create your shop design in a manner that discourages shoplifting. Make sure there are no dark corners or invisible parts from the rest of the store. Ideally, it’s advisable to position the counter close to the exit and entry points. These ensure that the person working on the till can have a wider view of the shop.

Product placement

Expensive items should especially be placed in positions that can give full view minimizing chances of getting stolen by shoplifters. Perhaps, if an item is small with a high margin, consider keeping it behind the counter where only potential customers can come close and get served. Good shopfitting company keeps these things in mind, while working in any project.



Enclose valuable products

For shops that stocks expensive goods and items like the jewelry shop, they should think of using locked cabinets fit outs. It will enable the customer to view and if they like the item they can request to look at the product in more detail. Member of staff should, therefore, keep keys to unlock display units on the customers at all times.


Security tags

They are common on the high streets. They are stacked on clothing item with a set alarm to alert shop owners if the cloth is taken out of the shop without actually purchasing it. Others have ink dye in them so that they force open the ink dye stain creating a deterrent for shoplifters.



If you are experiencing persistent shoplifting CCTV are a fantastic tool. They give police a clear picture from a film of the thief and it’s used as evidence. Positioning cameras in areas that are difficult to keep watch are also essential.



For security, and theft free shop you should hire experienced shopfitters. They will ensure that you enjoy the comfort of your working environment.

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